Frequently Asked Questions

What's my Gun Worth?

Please don't eMail me your "What's it worth?" questions. If I don't have it listed in the price guide, I haven't found any data on that particular gun. I am not a gun appraiser, so don't ask me for a quote, please.

It is better that you post on our Forum where the value or other aspects of your gun can be discussed.

Where do your prices come from?

I get my pricing data by tracking online auctions and sales. This gives me a national average of gun prices based on actual sales, not percieved or asking prices.

What if I think your prices are way off?

I always appreciate input as to where my prices are with respect to reality. Prices change all the time and with all the entries in the database there is no way I can keep on top of them all. If you feel I am way off base, send me an eMail and offer me some proof, such as a completed auction or proof of a sale and I will make changes if I see fit. And thank you.

Gun Price Guide, For What It's Worth...

Are you just bumping up prices because you sell guns and stand to make a gain by inflating prices?

I don't sell guns. I am not a dealer. I buy guns like the average citizen, and would gain more by deflating prices. I have no interest in reporting incorrect prices.

How do I buy the guns you have listed on your page?

I'd say go to your local gun shop and find them. The guns listed on this site are not listed as for sale. It is a PRICE GUIDE. I own very few guns compared to what is listed here.

If I start my email to you with the line "I know you don't appraise guns, but..." will you THEN tell me what my guns are worth?

Sure, that makes all the difference. NOT!

Really, I wanna buy your guns.

Really, they are not for sale. Really.

When are you going to update? I'm not seeing any changes.

Updates are a constant process, but sometimes it a matter of verifying that prices are correct as they stand. Not all prices will fluxuate frequently. Again, if there is something you see out of whack, please let me know.

Are you SURE your guns aren't for sale?

Yes, I'm sure.