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Let’s Get Something Straight

I was doing some research on gun violence in the USA because I was wondering just where the numbers would fall. I have heard the argument that guns were only created for one reason, to kill people. I will let that point hang a minute.

In the U.S. there are over 300 million guns, almost one per person. According to the liberal gun grabbing website gunviolencearchive.com there were 13,394 gun deaths in the U.S. in 2015. Not all were homicides, some were accidents and what-not. That works out to .0045% of deaths per gun (or per person in the U.S. if you want to look at it that way). If guns were only designed to kill people, then they really aren’t doing a very good job, now are they?

But let’s look at another statistic. In 2015 there were approximately 256 Million cars registered in the U.S. according the CNN.com, yet there were 18,600 deaths in the first year of 2015 alone (they hadn’t tabulated the second half yet, I guess). This 18,600, by the way, is UP from the same period a year before. So if I make a conservative doubling of the first half and say 36,000 car related deaths in the U.S. for 2015, that means that the ratio of car related deaths to the number of cars is .014%, over three times that of gun related deaths. So a machine designed to transport people safely is not doing a very good job either. In fact, it is three times more deadly than a gun, byok these statistics.

Yet when that crazy woman in Oklahoma plowed her car into a crowd at at homecoming parade, no one anywhere asked for background checks for cars or called to reduce the speed of cars to 10 miles per hour, or how many horsepower a car could have, or smart cars or limiting the number of cylinders a car could have. But as soon as a gun goes off the media fills with statistics and sad stories of “if we could save just one child” bs.

My guns have never killed anyone. If they do, it will be because I have made the decision to use them to defend my family or myself, or anyone else in danger of being hurt or killed by someone else. You never hear of the crazy NRA member going on a shooting rampage.

Defending The Need for Assault Rifles

By Ken McClellan ~ FirearmsPriceGuide.com


Los Angeles Riots - April 1992.

The other day I was listening to the local talk radio station on the drive home from work. The Nationally recognized conservative host was taking a vacation, and in his place were two nutcases, one supposedly conservative, the other a liberal. These two started out talking about the Fiscal Cliff, bantering back and forth, but soon the topic shifted to gun control.

What began to bother me was that the so-called conservative, who claims he supports the 2nd amendment, showed his ignorance by stating he could not understand why anyone could possibly need a semi-auto sub machine gun with high capacity clips. Of course, the liberal agreed, and continued by stating that the semi-auto was practically a machine gun, being able fire as fast as you could pull the trigger, allowing you to “spray the crowd with bullets“. They then both went on and on [again] about how no one “needs” this much firepower, or this much magazine “clip” capacity.
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Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States (2nd Edition)

By Attorney Mitch Vilos & Evan Vilos

Review by Ken McClellan ~ FirearmsPriceGuide.com

Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States.

To be honest, I have written hundreds of product reviews throughout my “internet” career, though none in the gun related field, and only one book review that happened almost 20 year ago. When asked if I would be interested in doing a review of Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States I thought “Sure! How hard could this be?” Then the book arrived…

This isn’t your ordinary Ted Nugent Hoorah for Guns book. This is a text-book of sorts, a learning tool for anyone interested in just what the self defense laws in their particular States actually mean, and how they affect them. This is a massive, 576 page encyclopedia of legal knowledge carefully brought together by the authors so that everything you ever wanted to know is right here in one place.
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Kel-Tec PF-9

By Ken McClellan

Kel-Tec PF-9When I considered my first carry gun I went through every conceivable option for style, carry location, holster style and caliber. After spending some time with several different 380’s I wanted something with a little more power, yet something I could conceal easily. I began looking at 9mm as an option, but it wasn’t until I saw a Ruger LC9 at the local gun shop that I started thinking it could happen for me easily.

But wait! Wasn’t this about the Kel-Tec PF-9? Well, yes. But let me continue. The wife owns a Ruger LCP and I have spent a fair amount of time shooting it. Knowing what it could do and the potential of basically the same gun only larger attracted me to the LC9. So I was at the gun shop and asked to see the LC9. It looked like an LCP all growed up. And if felt like it too. The grip felt way too narrow in my hands and I wasn’t certain I would be happy with it. That’s when I saw it…
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Marlin Model 36

Marlin Model 36

By Ken McClellan
When I think about my Marlin Model 36 manufactured in 1946, I like to think that it may have been first owned by one of our Nation’s finest coming home from war and treating himself to this fine hunting rifle. With it’s 24 inch barrel, and chambered in 30-30, this American made classic was accurate and powerful. I imagine our Nation’s hero hunting in the backwoods of Michigan looking to bring home a whitetail and feed his family. I don’t like to think about what events may have lead up to me finding this old classic in the used gun rack at our local gun shop, but I am glad I did. The Model 36 is becoming harder to find all the time, and the old square bolt design is becoming collectible.
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