• Price Fair = Fair Condition Price
  • Price VG = Very Good Condition Price
  • D.O.M. = Date Of Manufacture

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Savage Arms Model 99-EG Standard weight Rifle .22 HP 1935-1960 Serial number ranges between 3350000 to 1060000. Until 1940, it was produced with plain uncheckered pistol grip stock.   $600 $1500
Savage Arms Model 99-T Deluxe Featherweight Rifle .22 HP 1935-1940 A classic short barrel deluxe model 99, with semi-beavertail forend. Distinct long checkering pattern. 20 inch or 22 inch barrels.   $1000 $3000
Savage Arms Model 1899-H Featherweight Rifle .22 HP 1905-1919 Serial number ranges from 5000 to 220000. In the model from 1912, the revolutionary .22 HP cartridge was introduced. Takedown barrels are found with most with most 1899-Hs.   $560 $2900
Savage Arms Model 99-E Lightweight Rifle .22 HP 1922-1934 Serial number ranges from 238000 to 344000. A new ramp front sight was introduced in 1926.   $500 $1300
Savage Arms Model 99-F lightweight Takedown Rifle .22 HP 1920-1940 The serial number ranges from 200000 to 398000. New ramp front sight introduced in 1926. The earlier versions look similar to model 1899-H featherweight.   $600 $1900
Savage Arms Model 99-G Deluxe Takedown Pistol Grip Rifle .22 HP 1922-1941 Removable Barrel. Walnut Stock. There are no takedown Model 99s made after 1941. Pic $600 $2400
Henry Repeating Arms Henry Lever Action Frontier Model .17HMR Walnut Stock, 20" Octagon Barrel Pic $350 $550
Henry Repeating Arms Henry Lever Action Varmint Express .17HMR Walnut Stock, 20" Barrel Pic $350 $550