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Update Scope continuation.
02-04-2014, 11:04 PM (This post was last modified: 02-04-2014 11:15 PM by Delbert.)
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Update Scope continuation.
Here we have Scopes removed from their Boxes and unwrapped for inspection and what Accessories come with them. Lens Dust Caps/Lens Cloth, and not in picture is Letter from RITON(prounced Right On) showing product information. These will also come with (UN)-Limited Lifetime Warranty. I did a full Knob adjustment from up/down and left/right to zero the Scope's Reticles as I don't know if Factory did this, and counted. There was 462 Audible Clicks, which gave me 231 Clicks to find Reticle Center. Lens' are Edge to Edge clear. Scopes are quite beefy and NOT Light-Weight. Made to take a beating it seems. Wished I had a Springer Air Rifle to Test with to see how they hold up.
This Pic is Scope setup on my DPMS Oracle. I used a modified cheap Quick Release Scope Mount. I had to cut the Mount and make it a 2-piece due to it not being able to straddle the "wide" Scope Saddle. It worked very well and was solid on the Rifle's Rail. Was also using a 5-Round Mag to use my Rifle Stand to make sure of more precise shots and see how well the Side Focus worked and Elevation/Windage Adjustment Knobs.
This is just one of the Targets I will use for Test purposes. The Weather finally broke and gave me a Clear/Sunny Day of 30*, light Wind of 3-5mph. I (Lazer)measured distance to Target of 56yds from Gun Bench to get things started. You see 1st shot of around 3" lower right of Target. Adjusted Elevation(left Windage alone) and you see where #2 shot goes when I adjusted for 3" up. Readjusted down 1-1/2" Elevation again for #3 shot and (not in picture) dropped 3" below shot #1. Left 3rd shot Elevation alone this time for shot #4 and adjusted 1-1/2" Left. Hit Ring on Right side. For shot #5 I adjusted 3/4"(3 clicks) down and 1-1/2" left. It hit just to inside of Left Ring. Showing good promise. I left every thing as adjusted(still steady, around 5mph Easterly Wind), I fired off a rapid 5-shots to show if Scope would hold a Group. As you see they all hit within the Ring with a flier hitting the lower portion of Ring. The Ring Target is bout size of Silver Dollar. I was wearing Heavy Coat/Gloves and Cold starting to get to me(30*), with 10 Rounds down range I called it a day for the moment and Weather gets a little warmer so I can go to a better local Gun Range where I can stretch to a 50/100yds and give a better workout of using (Both) Scopes on various Rifles to better test. I had absolutely no problems with the Knob adjustments using Gloves. Knob 1/4" adjustments were certainly off, and I don't know if Cold Weather had a bearing. I hope so as what I adjusted for didn't work well for Scope's test. The cold weather also helped me do a Fog Test of Lens. They did fog when going into warm House, but Scope Internals were dry and moisture on exterior of Len's cleared up quickly. Information Sheet does say 100% Waterproof, Fogproof(coming into 72* from 30* will fog any Len's) but in the Cold I didn't get one bit of Fog unless I breathed on it, and Scope is also Shock-proof. Dry-Nitrogen purged/filled. Fully Multi-Coated Lens (with) "Low Light Enhancement Coating."
More Testing/Pictures at later date.
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12-03-2014, 07:47 PM
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RE: Update Scope continuation.
Sorry, I've been out of loop for awhile on further testing of these scopes that were to come onto the market.

I did do some more tests(no pictures) when it warmed up and both scopes did very good under recoils and POI. I attribute better scope adjustments to warmer weather of not freezing up the grease used on the adjustment turrets. Freezing cold just would not let the E/W turrets and interior Erector operate as they should have.

I also will consider all testing with these Scopes at an end. I received a notice from the Riton Scope Company, who was to sell these scopes, had a death of one of the founding member and Company is ceasing to carry on with making Scopes. A shame too, as these scopes did very well. Oh well, I now have a couple scopes as spares.
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