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Any good Deer Hunt Stories for 2013?
11-23-2013, 12:56 AM
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Any good Deer Hunt Stories for 2013?
Not doing any Deer Huntin this year, but while out chainsawing some Firewood along a Fenceline a couple weeks ago, I came into contact with a 14+ Pointer that was within 30feet. Hitwithrock
I was sittin on a Log resting, so he didn't notice me amongst the Fence Weeds/Scrub. I heard and saw him. Wind was in my favor, that's why he got so close.
I say 14+ because on just 1 Antler I counted 8 Points, and lost count at 6 on other Antler with Points to still be counted, when Buck turned his Head to trot off. A good 300 Pounder on the Hoof. Missouri doesn't play around with our Whitetails.

Of course I left my Camera/Phone at the House. Doh Only had my 17HMR with me for some Squirrels. Saw some but on Neighboring Property.
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11-23-2013, 08:30 AM
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RE: Any good Deer Hunt Stories for 2013?
If you had a hunting rifle you would have never seen that buck.

No hunting for us this year, just don't have the time or energy. We call it "hiking with guns" anyway, since whenever WE have guns in hand we see nothing.

This is not to say that we didn't get a deer in the freezer this year. My daughter got her first dear ever this year. She did it using my car going 50 miles an hour. It was a two-pointer, and after calling the police to document the accident she got a permit to keep the deer. It was tasty!


Her weapon of choice... Doh


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11-23-2013, 04:57 PM
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RE: Any good Deer Hunt Stories for 2013?
Glad your lil Girl came out OK. "Vehicle Hunting" is expensive.
That's funny you mention it, cause my Mom had a run in with a Deer about 3 weeks back within 1mile from our/her home-----good thing the Boyfriend was driving HIS car.
They told me about it, and said they hit at angle and ran over it's hind legs and was dragging itself to Ditch. I grabbed my Pistol to put it out of it's misery, but it had already recovered and disappeared by time I got to scene. Found pieces of vehicle plastic in roadway, so I knew I was in correct spot.

My Brother-n-law hit, and bounced over, a big Deer going to work a couple years back with his Truck at road speed. Did around $5000 in damage. Couldn't even drive. Crushed Radiator(loss of coolant), Tore up the whole front nose-clip, Cracked windshield, broke the Transmission Cooler Lines(fluid all over road), and threw out the alignment. It was all fixable by Bodyshop/Mechanic shop. Heck of way to get day off.
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