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Bass Pro Ammo "quanity" What the?
04-28-2013, 10:44 PM
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Bass Pro Ammo "quanity" What the?
Wife twisted my arm to go to Bass Pro. You Guys know the feeling.
I tell her I'm looking at some Ammo if I'm going. I had to put my foot down. Let her know who's Boss. Roflblack
Get there, and I'll Be!!! They actually had some Ammo. I'm in Heaven.
It's Winchester 5.56 FMJ in 20rd boxes. Hey, don't care, at least you got some. It's only $12.49. Still cheaper than the $20 boxes I've been seeing. I think things are coming down for the better, and Ammo is starting to get to Suppliers easier from what I hear---now that DHS is getting battered worse than a Red-Headed Stepchild by Congress about why they're purchasing so much ammo, when they already have an over 2 year supply.
Anyway, I want to get 20 boxes.
What do you mean NO?
Limit of 2 boxes per Customer.
Well, FU*^ING HORSE #*^&%. OK give me 2. OH and by the way, "Honey you want some ammo too right--- get 2 boxes for my Wife also. Limited my A$$.Spank
I really hope this Ammo Drought ends soon and prices come down more.
At least, I'm starting to build up a small supply before I go on some shoots with Friends. I think maybe, I need to take a little trip down South about 30mi to a little Gun Shop I know.
Hey Honey, I'm gonna go pick some Mushrooms, and scout for Turkey Tomorrow. And by the way, if I see some Ammo, can I get some?? Love Ya.
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04-29-2013, 05:59 AM
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RE: Bass Pro Ammo "quanity" What the?
I hear ya, Del. The wife managed to get the LAST THREE 500 round boxes of 22LR. 20 FREAKIN 2! Who would have thought that 22 would be scarce? There were 5 people behind her that were PISSED. For 20 FREAKIN 2 ammo. Go figure. But I am glad we got it. .223 is nowhere to be found in this neck of the woods. No .38 Special, no .357, no 45ACP. Hopefully the supply will build up again soon.


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04-29-2013, 10:05 AM
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RE: Bass Pro Ammo "quanity" What the?
Yes Sireee. This has got to stop. Lucky me, I have about 1K rounds of 22 in LongRifle with only a couple hundred in 22Magnum.
Very lucky a few weeks back, I stopped in to a WalMart to see if they had a Scope I knew they carried, but while there I looked in their Ammo case, and spied some 380ACP and some 40S&W. I just found those rare Hen's Teeth. I came home with 2boxes of 380 and a 100rd box of 40. Felt like I was stealing.
I know I got plenty of Ammo to do anything I want, but just trying to replenish, would take almost a Year the way Ammo is found nowadays.
Now, I notice Shotgun shells is starting to become scarce, good thing I got about 300rds.
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