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Got My Deer---WhoHOO!!!
11-12-2011, 02:59 PM
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Wink Got My Deer---WhoHOO!!!
        Opening Deer Season of 2011 started out real well for me. Found a suitable spot that nobody was at on Public land with a good logger's road, and walked about 1/2 mile back to some old timberline trees with a high weeded/meadow grass, clearing that I could watch in a triangle formation, with a max distance of 150yds. Had just sat down on my portable hunting chair for maybe 3 to 5 minutes and I heard a faint "snap" off to my left blindside. Thought it being Squirrels starting to play, but looking through scope I saw some white movement of antlers and a nice big bruizer of a Buck. I made a quick count of antler tines to be sure he was legal. YES!! There were some far off shots that were by Hunter's, but that didn't bother this "Ole Boy". He meandered his way straight to me from a distance of 30yds tops. I put the Nikon scope which I could see the crosshairs real good at this time, even if the Sun hadn't made itself appear, on him and let him just do his thing, while I ever so gentle and slowly rise from my chair to clear the tall weeds better, to get a decent shot. Here he comes, and finally turns to give me a great side shot, but keeps on his slow walk. He stops!!Sniper All I saw at this time was a 1-1/2foot muzzle blast while keeping an eye on my quarry. He turn quickly, but weirdly, to head back into forest and I immediately racked another round into chamber and fired off another flame thrower for a just in case, but my "Victim" only went 25 feet and collapsed as the first shot had done it's job. The old Mossberg ATR100 30-06 with Federal 150gr soft point had done it's job of taking out both lungs, splitting the top portion of heart wide open, and going out the other side with a sizable bullet hole. Deer guess-weighed between 175 to 250 on the hoof. What a great day and a praise to the Great Spirit for his bounty. Had to now harness drag the deer out of woods. I put on my harness and dragged for about 1/4th mile, and a nice hunter that came in after me, saw I was struggling and lent me his game cart to get Deer back to my car/trailer. What a good Sport. For the bigger brutes, ya have to go deep in the woods. He was a nice 7 pointer and on the ground at 7AM. 3 minutes after opening season.
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11-13-2011, 10:46 PM
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RE: Got My Deer---WhoHOO!!!
Yeah buddy! Thump that chest! You da'man! That's a handsome buck you got yourself there. Congrats. I wish I had time and the energy to hunt this year but next year I may take some vacation time. Hope I do as well as you. Great job there, killer!



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