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Small list I'd like looked at
02-02-2014, 01:58 PM
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Small list I'd like looked at
First time posting here, So I hope I'm not out of line on anything. I don't really know much about guns but I know when im getting ripped off and well my dad passed away recently and left me with a bunch of guns and I have a family friend who is interested in buying a few of them. I'm not so sure his prices are accurate. I've tried using gunbroker and other sites but I'm not sure how to navigate through them effectively. All my guns are in good or better condition.

Here are the prices and the guns he wants.

2) Iver Johnson 38 Revolver you have 2, I'll like to grab the 3.5inch for $75.00 or the 5inch for $100.00
3) Namby Japan pistol $100.00
5) Would like 1 or both Winchester 1894 Level Action for $350 each
6) Marlin 44/40 Level Action $300.00
7) You have 3 Double Barrels Side by Side I would like 1, 2 or all 3 at $150.00 each
8) Browning A5 12gauge $150.00
9) Remington 1903-A3 $300.00 with bayonet
10) Eddystone 30/06 $175.00 with bayonet
11) Winchester model 1906 Pump $150.00
12) Wards Western 22 Pump $100.00
13) Mannlicher Carbine Italian $100.00
14) You have 2 Arasakas left I'll give you $100 for one. with bayonet
15) Marlin Level Action 22 $125.00
16) Mauser K98 $150.00 with Bayonet
17) Royal Arms 303 $150.00 with bayonet
18) Remington 300 $150.00
19) Harrington & Richards single shot shotgun $50.00"

I'm only looking to sell 1 or 2 right now as per i am a college student and low on cash at the moment. I can offer almost any information that you need, years manufactured, serial #, etc...

I appreciate anything you can tell me.
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02-04-2014, 11:48 PM
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RE: Small list I'd like looked at
You NEED to take all these Guns to a Gun Store and have somebody look in their "Value" Books to get a better idea of what price they're worth. There's no way without looking at them to give an honest assessment of their values, with Value Book to lend a hand. Just the Browning A5 alone is worth (in my estimate) depending on year/condition-around $350 to $600.
The Eddystone 30-06 is a Collector's Item and can fetch big money if in prime condition.
Marlin lever 22, I've heard can fetch around $400---again condition/year.

Just go to a Gun Store that you've FIRST CALLED to see if they can appraise your collection---and DO NOT just throw these Guns into your Vehicle for them to get scratched up if they don't have Cases to put them in. Wrap each one in a Large Bath Towel if need be. Every little scratch de-appreciates their value. Make multiple trips to Gun Store if need too.
Also, don't just walk into Gun Store with your Guns without first notifying them that you are bringing in some Guns to get valued. You want Gun Store on your side, and not you walking in with Guns, just to be shot between the Eyes. Please do, if you know how to make sure ALL GUNS ARE UNLOADED. Make sure the Appraiser also checks the Guns Chamber too for safety. Good Luck.
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